which we wanted to pursue, but didn’t, bleed, like colors, on the whole of our  existence.

Honore Balzac

I created this website because I am passionate about helping people find their calling, and passionate about astrology. I want to help you find that place where your deepest gladness meets the world’s greatest need, where your work will flow from you easily in a way that is rewarding to you and others, both financially and emotionally. Finding your vocation is finding your unique niche in this world, and the security and sense of peace that comes with that. Learn more about vocation from an astrological point of view by clicking on What the sea goat, as symbol of Capricorn, tells us about vocation.

Astrology can help you find vocation in a very unique way. It doesn’t require that you take any lengthy tests, doesn’t place you in one of several rigid categories, and doesn’t limit you to pursue only those talents you where born with. Instead it recognizes you as a unique multidimensional, many faceted human being, who was born with a need to grow and expand your horizons, and develop new skills. Vocational analysis from a astrological point of view is about finding your passion, as well as that special environment which will enable you to excel.

AstroChrysalis.com treasures

This website has a bevy of resources to help you find your calling:several articles on vocational astrology, on work and money and how they pertain to vocation, as well as links to many online resources on vocational astrology and books on vocation and astrology. You will also have an opportunity to get to know me and my views on astrology and vocation, and to purchase a vocational astrology consultation or reading from me on this website.

Whether you are looking for a dream job, choosing a college major, preparing for retirement, wanting to improve your finances,  or trying to resolve work issues, then you will find something on this website to help you.

We are born as caterpillars: awkward and earthbound. Our destiny is to become marvelous butterflies: beautiful; free to fly; fragile, yetcapable of great journeys; each with a mission to pollinize the world. So sit back, and partake of this website, spin yourself achrysalis. Or let me help you spin one. But be sure to come back, for there will be new articles added.