Wealth consciousness is so much more than simply having the ability to make money, It’s a mind-set that involves seeing life, not as a struggle, but as a magical adventure where are needs are met with grace and ease.   – Richard Carlson (forward to Creating Affluence by Deepak Chopra)

About money and vocation

The second house in astrology rules money earned by your own efforts. It also rules all resources and talents which give you a sense of material security and safety – a belief that one will have the things that one needs to thrive. (The obvious implication, which is nonetheless often missed, is that money is one of those things, like food, which you need enough of on a regular basis, rather than something you need a lot of. The state of being wealthy is the belief that all your needs will be met- not having a lot of things, or even worse- making a show of having a lot of things. The second house also speaks to having a sense of inner peace – emotional self sufficiency- which protects against gluttony, the process of trying to satisfy psychological needs by material things. Inner peace also gives the steadiness which makes it easier to acquire the things that you do need. A healthy approach to money requires that you be in control: money is a good servant, but a poor master.

Being wealthly is about being bucolic, not bullish The second house is ruled by Taurus, whose symbol is the horn.

Lately, in our male dominated society, this has been assumed to be the horn of a bull, and Taurus assumed to be symbolized by the bull. But horns are typical of many ruminants, such as sheep, and goats, and are common to both males and females. The horn is a symbol of strength, power, and abundance (as in cornucopia, the horn of plenty, symbolizing prosperity and growth). In past times, cows, oxen, sheep, goats where both symbols and sources of wealth. They are also known for their steadiness, calmness, consistency, and peacefully, except in defense. Think of words like ruminating, or chewing your cud. Think of the steadiness of Taurus, and you will see that horn, as in horn of plenty, is a better symbol than bull, which creates more of an association with fighting typical of Aries, represented by the Ram. Creating wealth is a peaceful process, which is more associated with a state of being, than with doing, and doing that is steady, and consistent rather than flamboyant. In “The Millionaire Next Door” by Stanley and Danko, who surveyed a number of millionaires, found that the common denominator among them was that they lived below their means, consistently saved money, and invested carefully, often in education for themselves and their children. One millionaire, who rebuilt large diesel engines said of himself that he” didn’t own big hats, but he had a lot of cattle.”

The second house defines our sense of self-worth. Or whether we feel that we have something of value to offer, and whether we are entitled to get all we need.

People who have complicated 2nd houses in their horoscopes ( a lot of planets, many aspects to those planets, or to the ruler of the second house) often have difficulty earning enough money to pay their bills, or spending money compulsively- at least until they become consciously aware of the issues represented and deal with them. The second house also defines what we value- and therefore speaks to what we need to spend money on. For example, someone with Mercury in the second house values exchange of information and knowledge, therefore spending money on Internet access, cell phones, books, continuing education classes, short trips will be essential to them. Likewise, someone with Neptune in the second house, might need to spend money on music, or art, or charitable associations. Or spend little money.

Its important that we be aware of these needs, because no amount of spending on other things will give us the same sense of satiety, that spending money on the things that we value will. Being aware of what we need, makes us aware of what we don’t need, and keeps us from spending money frivolously.

Spending money in ways consistent with our 2nd house, will help develop our talents, as shown in the second house. The second house doesn’t show all our talents- the whole horoscope does, but it does show those talents, whose development will provide a sense of self worth and serve as a springboard toward fulfilling your calling. These are the talents that you are best able and willing to “exchange” formoney.

For example, Bill Clinton’s second house ruler is Pluto, which is in Leo, in the eleventh house – along with his Sun in Leo- consistent with being a teacher and especially an executive in a large organization. He started out teaching law, then became attorney general, then governor, and president, which served a springboard for his vocation of raising huge amounts of money in support of charitable causes. He has many talents, but his talent as administrator of public resources is the basis of his success. Dick Cheney’s second house ruler, Chiron, is also in the 11th house conjunct Pluto, but Chiron, prefers to stay in the background – advising and guiding others. His role as trusted advisory to both the Bushes, served as the basis for his success in public life. Finally, not all vocations are equal in the amount of income that theyprovide-yet they are all important. There are many other sources ofmoney in life besides that which we earn from our efforts. We receive money from investments, relatives, partnerships especially from our spouses, and from the government and large corporations- in terms of pensions, scholarships, and grants. Maximizing all of our resource acquiring abilities can give us the freedom to pursue our vocation regardless of the pay we receive directly from them.

Your talent is a gift from God. Developing that talent is your gift back to God. -Red Skeleton


Wishing that you accept all the blessings that you receive

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