If we do not know what port we’re sailing for, no wind is favorable -Seneca


Choosing a college major or any course of study

For children schooling is their work. Learning various subjects, and participating in extracurricular activities often help may to develop a clear idea of what they want to be when they” grow up”.

Sometimes, though, people choose to study something which they have aptitude for, and which they have done well in school at, but which they have no passion for. Their educational experiences and advice of teachers lead them astray.

Some people are confused by their education experiences. They study many subjects, all of which they are told are critical for them to master, but none of which interest them, and many of which are irrelevant to their true vocation. They begin to wonder if they could be good at anything. Our educational system is so based on comparison, that many students leave school struggling to be someone they are not. For many, success in high school, and college is blocked because they are pursuing the wrong life path.

The most important consideration in choosing a college major, or to pursue an advanced area of study is to know what your vocation is! Not only will you be studying the right subjects, but you will have the focus to be able to succeed even when you have a mediocre teacher, or a requirement that is hard to master.

Outside of knowing your vocation, an understanding of how you learn, as shown by the ruler of the ninth house, Jupiter, the ruler of the third house, Mercury, and the ruler of the sixth house, and Chiron, (for developing good study habits), can improve your ability to learn, and show particular subject areas to be explored.

Most vocational goals have several different possible educational paths.  Choose the one that is best for you.