Before I explain how how vocational astrology can help you, I’d like to provide a general introduction to astrology. If you just want to know about vocational astrology then click on What can a vocational astrology consultation or reading do for you?

The treasure map

A horoscope, which is a chart cast for the exact time and place that you where born, is like treasure map which guides you in your quest for personal fulfillment. It identifies  the location of the treasure, and assets, and obstacles in finding the treasure. It speaks about the astrological weather (the timing of transits ) during the journey, and it can identify some roads that can be used to get there. It defines the contract that your soul agreed to before coming to earth, but it doesn’t describe your soul.

Because it doesn’t, an astrologer cannot predict how you will choose to pursue the quest, nor should an astrologer try. You have the freedom to go as far and as fast as you want on this journey. You can take the low road or the high road, or to meander on a side trip.

Although the map may mark the treasure, the map itself is fluid, the destiny somewhat flexible-and therefore always possible to attain. Planning and executing you trip is more like playing jazz, with plenty of room for improvisation, than playing a classical piece, where you must play the notes exactly as written down.

A horoscope, just like a jazz piece, is never meant to be lived the same,- or lived in a specific way. It is meant to be lived creatively, and  with passion and feeling.

Astrological Weather

Every person is affected by astrological weather, which astrologers call transits. Some are specific to a person, and some are experienced collectively. (The current recession is a collective response to some astrological rough weather.) While astrologers can predict the weather better than weatherman predict actual weather, astrologersare not as good at predicting how you or anyone will respond to that weather. An astrologer can accurately forecast a cloudy day for you,but its harder for them to predict whether you will spend it in a funk, or pack a raincoat and take an invigorating hike. Some people plant gardens in stormy weather and others get severely sunburnt on a sunny day.

This is also make more complicated because you may be experiencing two kinds of weather at the same time ( in others words, a transit that encourages you to take risks and expand, and at the same time one which encourages you to reflect and take stock of your life)

The best use of astrology.

Still, that astrologers sometimes can predict things with astonishing accuracy (sometimes knowledge of a person or countries circumstances combined with previous behavior and the nature of the coming weather makes certain event highly probable), means that people, especially when they are scared, resort to focusing on the predictive possibilities of astrology, instead of the descriptive ones. This is not the best use of astrology or of any science. Currently with the economic crisis many peopleare asking economists when the current downturn will end, and how bad will it get. If instead theyasked, How did we get here? What do we need to do to get out?, and How can we prevent this from happening again?, then I believe we would solve are economic woes much sooner. Likewise, the best way for you to use astrology or an astrologer isget insight as what your dreams and challenges are, and to develop a sense of connection with the universe such that your energies and timing flows in harmony with

An astrologer at best, is like a good news reporter, who gives you information, which then allows you to make better choices for yourself- to play your musical instrument with greater passion and conviction, not one who dictates the notes for you. Very often this insight does give the ability to predict the highlikelihood that living life in a particular way will lead to joy and fulfillment in your life.

Also, a great deal of insight can be realized about how to live life, simply from a general study of astrology, without ever looking at your horoscope. One can get a lot of insight into achieving financial security, the meaning of vocation, the necessity of a congenial work environment, by studying the rulers and symbolism of the 2nd , 6th, and 10th houses in astrology. Get insight on how astrology can help with money problems, or understanding vocation, or solving work issues with astrology.

Having said that, what can astrology tell you about yourself that can help your to make better choices in your life regarding career, money and work situations?

What can a vocational astrology reading or consultation do for you?

A vocational astrology consultation can help you understand what your specific function, in life and society, – note that this function is alittle fuzzy and flexible. It’s meant to be, so that you can adapt to changing circumstances in your life, and the world.

I, as a vocational astrologer, can identify a core competency, the development of which will lead to self sufficiency, and which will act aspringboard for pursuing your vocation.

Reading a horoscope for vocation can also identify a specific environment, activities, etc which you thrive in, and love to do day in and day out. This along with identifying core competency, and understanding your vocation will often point to a dream job/s, and give very specific information about how to approach all career

Reading a birthchart for vocation can identify self worth issues which can block you in actualizing your talents, achieving financial security,and it can tell you enough about those issues to give you a good handle on fixing them.

I, as a vocational astrologer, can help you maximize your earningability by highlighting your talents, and approaches that are best for
you in spending money and investing your savings.

Vocational astrology can help you to get out of dead end, or toxic work situations, or combat burnout in your work.
A vocational astrology reading can help you to choose an appropriate course of study, that will develop you talents and prepare for a lifetime
of rewarding work.

Reading a horoscope for vocation can help you deal with midlife crisis, and retirement, or to make adjustments in you career in lateryears that will lead to a marvelous second half of your life.

A birthchart analysis can help you to understand how you relate to others and improve relations with co-workers and clients

A vocational astrology consultation can help prepare you to create a new field, or start a business, or help you co-create a better world through your vocation. Because astrology deals in ancient symbols, it’s not limited to thinking only about those things that currently
exist, but can also help imagine things that your soul wants to exist.

A vocational astrology reading or consultation can do all of these things quickly, without the need for hours of therapy, or tests.

Typically a single session will give you all the insight that you need to begin to improve your life dramatically.
What a vocational astrology reading or consultation cannot do for you!!

Vocational astrology cannot predict whether you will be successful, happy or have a “easy” life. That depends on you. There are no extraordinary horoscopes, only horoscopes that are extraordinarily lived. I can help you to understand what you need to do to be successful, and what to avoid doing that will likely lead to failure.

I, as a vocational astrologer, cannot micromanage your career or money decisions, or predict the occurrence of specific things-such aswhen you will get a job. There are too many things about you the horoscope doesn’t reveal, such as your sex, your SAT scores, your GPA, whether the company you work for will be in business two years
from now, who else is applying for the same job as you are, and the socioeconomic background of your parents, etc., to guide
specifically. Vocational astrology is meant to give you general guidelines in making decisions in combination with other information, not to make decisions for you.

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Wishing that you accept all the blessings that you receive
Leeuba Leshia Adams

The world is not to be put in order:
the world is order, incarnate.
It is for us to harmonize with this order.
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