If You Have Pluto or Scorpio in your Career House,

What Should You Do for a Living?

©2009 by Donna Cunningham

Have you been told that either the planet Pluto or planets in the sign Scorpio fall into the vocational sectors of your birth chart. (That would be the 2nd, 6th, or 10th houses.) What lines of work might you pursue? There are a spectrum of possibilities from the most elevated and rewarding to the most mundane, including a variety of educational backgrounds and interests. The abbreviated list presented here is only meant to stimulate your thinking about Plutonian vocational possibilities.There are jobs at many levels of skill and training for each field. Jobs in the financial sector include accountant, financial planner, accounts receivable, billing, credit counselor, stock broker, insurance agent, claims adjuster, and loan officer. Among the fields that fall into the category of preservation are renovations, environmentalist, conservation, recycling, toxic waste management, salvage operations, archeology, and restoration of art and antiques. Careers in health care that are particularly Plutonian are acupuncturist, family planning, fertility specialist, obstetrician, physical therapist, physician’s assistant, counseling, and bodyworkers. Those you might meet when someone is dying include estate planners, grief counselors, funeral directors, and trance mediums. Occult vocations would include shamans, past life therapists, and spiritual healers.

With their keen eye for what is amiss, Plutonians often work in the healing fields. Some who have been wounded are drawn into a field where they can heal the similarly wounded or even prevent others from suffering as they’ve done. Therefore, they might work in child protective services, foster care supervision, or child psychiatry, or if they’ve been abused as an adult, in domestic violence services. In such settings, it can be difficult for them to maintain their objectivity and they may be overzealous at times, but they’re strong advocates for the disempowered.

Especially when the Moon or the 7th house are also strong in the birth chart, they may be therapists at whatever level their education permits, from psychiatrists and social workers to suicide hotline staffers. When the Pluto in Libra generation is old enough to become the new wave of counselors, it’s likely that they’ll have a gift formediation, tackling relationship issues, and healing the human heart.

Those with Pluto prominent in Virgo or in the 6th house, however, anything from surgeons, radiation technicians and fertility clinic staff to nutritionists and alternative health practitioners like body workers, acupuncturists, and herbalists. Since birth is related to Pluto, they may work with sexual and reproductive health, being found in clinics for prenatal re employed in marketing, the products or services they promote may be related to health or fitness.

Though still young, those with Pluto in Libra who are obsessed with appearance may focus on fitness, fashion makeovers, or cosmetic enhancements like liposuction. The Plutonian’s fascination with delving beneath the surface is an asset in counseling and healing, but it’s a key to other fields as well. We find them in research, anything from medical and genetic research or psychological studies to delving into dusty archives as a historian.

Often solitary types, they can tolerate the isolation these pursuits entail, and they’ve the focus and persistence to do them justice. Less academic people with this same keen curiosity about hidden matters might become private investigators. The self-employed, even in retirement, may create their own businesses tracking down information others need but don’t have the time or expertise to pursue—genealogy records or lost loved ones, for instance.

We are in an era when nothing is really held secret or private, so some Plutonians are involved in the growing industry of spying on everything from celebrities and political figures to the guy next door. Investigative reporters who search for the truth behind cover-ups must have a strong Pluto, perhaps aspecting Mercury. Especially when the Uranus-Pluto conjunction in Virgo is in high-focus, computers and other modern technology can play a part. The internet entrepreneurs spam us daily selling spyware, and internet professionals develop marketing profiles based on sites we surf. Not all Plutonians are noble healers and reformers

The houses where Pluto and Scorpio are placed in the natal chart are areas where we each have the potential to make a positive impact on our surroundings. If your career houses are involved, those areas are in the challenging realm of the workplace. By finding the right work, you will have the gift of spending at least eight hours a day making a difference by correcting some of the ills of modern life. Pluto people at their best have an awesome capacity to focus on their work, to persevere despite all obstacles, and, in the process, to be catalysts for change. Many of them are unafraid—even determined—to tackle and correct difficult social issue and to delve into arenas that most of us don’t even want to face. If you are one of the Plutonians where your life work is concerned, your astrologer can give you more details about how to make the best use of the qualities Pluto represents.

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