All readings and consultations:

  • Require an accurate birth time. Click on accurate astrology readings for more information
  • Are purchased online through Pay Pal’s secure site.
  • Come with full money back guarantee.( If not satisfied email me with a
  • explanation of why you are dissatisfied, and I will refund your money.)
  • Are done by e-mail or phone ( I call you and pay phone charges in US, you call me outside of the US>)
  • Are personal to you and done individually.
  • Are completely confidential. I do not sell or give any information I receive from anyone.

It’s never too late to be what we might have been.

George Eliot

E-mailed response to a particular question.

$79.00 US


You ask a question, I read your birth chart, and provide a specific and detailed answer. Includes 1 follow up question on same topic.Examples of questions suitable for this service are: A choice between one career or another. (Example – should a be a writer or private detective?).Help in choosing between two jobs in the same career.(Example – I have a choice to go into business with a partner, or work for a large corporation, which has a global perspective. What do yourecommend) An astrological question from your horoscope about vocation (Example- What’s the meaning of Jupiter in my tenth house?) The more information you offer about yourself, the better. In other words- do not hesitate to vent. Let me know the motivation behind the question. Buy now

The Cadillac of all deals – The vocational astrology consultation

$195.00 US


A complete reading of your vocational profile including your core competences, best work environment, and  your vocational profile leading to specific suggestions as well as guidance on how to best achieve your goals. Includes a emailed copy of your birth char and your Part of Fortune chart, an e-mailed analysis of your birth chart personally created by me, several emails to clarify issues and a 1 hour phone conversation. Buy now.

Consults for return clients

 If you purchased a question in the past 12 months then you may purchase a full vocational consultation for a reduced price of $125

If you purchased a full consultation anytime in the past then you can purchase a follow up consult for $125. Send me an email with your current situation and current concerns. I will give you a brief response, and then we can schedule a 1 hour consult.

You can also purchase a half hour mini consult for $79.  After purchase of consult give me a idea of what you would like to discuss, and I will schedule a half hour consult in about a week. Simply purchase the $79 question consult below.

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