Accurate astrology readings and consultations

Importance of accurate birth time. In order for a reading or consultation to have any validity its necessary to have an accurate time of birth, as well as place and date of birth. The reading is based on a birth chart, which is a round circle divided into twelve areas, called houses. Each house has a particular astrological sign at its beginning (called a cusp), and therefore a planet which rules it (describing your particular approach to the affairs of that house.) The placement of all the planets, their relationships with one another, and the signs on the cusps change every four minutes.Usually an inaccuracy in the birth-time of 10 or even 30 minutes doesn’t result in any inaccuracies because its doesn’t change the signs on the cusp. However, if the sign at the cusp of a house does change, then the reading would be less accurate.This can be a problem because many birth certificates which are usually the most accurate recordings of birth time are rounded off, or, rarely, not accurate. The time the certificate is filled out may be recorded, not the time of birth. Most medical professionals aren’t current in astrology!!!

If there is a possibility that an inaccurate birth-time could affect the reading, I will read the horoscope for both possibilities and then discuss with you which interpretation is more accurate.

Click here to find out how to obtain your birth certificate if you don’t have one. Please allow at least a week to get one, and expect to pay something for it. (Typical costs are 10 to 25 dollars per copy) If for some reason you can’t get your birth certificate, or the time seems inaccurate, then it’s possible to do a rectification. Please email me for this service. Costs vary depending what information you can provide.

Ask and you shall receive

Outside of an accurate birthtime you will get more value from any reading or consultation if you are clear in your mind what your current concerns are, and if you provide information as to your sex, and current circumstances, and past vocational history, and knowledge of astrology. This will give me a sense of who you are,and let me be specific not only as to the information that I give you, but how I give it to you. I always e-mail a preliminary reading before the consultation to give you time to digest some of the information, and then get the mostout of the actual consultation. During the consultation, I expect you to ask questions and givefeedback. I believe that the best consultations involve two way communication. My e-mailed response also includes one follow up question on the same topic. Use it. It’s free. If you are uncomfortable in asking questions or this format, please let me know, and I will adjust.Please read What a vocational astrology consultation can do for you if you haven’t already.